The Radio Boys in the Thousand Islands

Cover The Radio Boys in the Thousand Islands
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Three different series about the Radio Boys were developed in about the same year. Radio was new to the general public and boys were fascinated by the idea that they could build their own set. J W Duffield wrote for the Stratmeyer syndicate. In the early twentieth-century he wrote approximately 115 stories for the Stratemeyer Syndicate, writing for series including the Radio Boys, the Rushton Boys, Bobby Blake, Bomba the Jungle Boy, Don Sturdy, Baseball Joe and the Ted Scott series. An excerpt reads, ôHe led the way into an adjoining apartment, a veritable radio laboratory. Two years before, as a wireless amateur, Cub had built for himself in this room an elaborate sending and receiving set, and he proved to be one of the first, boy though he was, to appreciate the outlook for the radiophone, even before "the craze" had gripped the country. He soon had his father almost as much interested in the subject as himself, so that the question of financing his latest radio ambition was no seri


ous obstacle. An early result of this active interest on his part was the addition of a receiving amplification with which he could listen in to messages from major-power stations in the remotest parts of the country. Indeed, under favorable conditions, he had picked up messages from as far distant points as Edinburgh, Scotland, and Australia.ö

The Radio Boys in the Thousand Islands
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